Case Study
Facility Condition Assessments

City of Montebello


The City of Montebello wanted more than the standard Lifecycle Facility Condition Assessment (FCA) of their 40-year old transportation facility. In addition to deferred maintenance and useful life projections, they needed prioritization of projects, “Green” replacement recommendations, and budget optimization.


The EMG team completed a comprehensive assessment that included:

  • Complete inventory of building assets, components, and equipment
  • Condition Assessments with Expected and Remaining Useful Life (RUL)
  • Cost Estimates for Corrective Actions
  • Green Replacement Options
  • Priority Ranking for each repair/replacement
  • Payback and SIR for Green options
  • Facility Condition Index
  • 5 & 10 Year Budget

EMG provided a report including a detailed description of each asset and component. The report included a narrative description of all building systems and components, observations and comments, along with color digital photos of major systems and components and photos of deficiencies identified.

EMG populated data into its asset management software, a web-based system with features including the ability to rank and prioritize capital improvement projects, view complete deferred maintenance backlog, create reports by building priority, system, capital budget planning, and view year-by-year capital needs analysis.


EMG Client

City of Montebello, CA Transportation Department

Asset Type

Transit Facilities, Bus Garage, Parking Structure, Office Buildings

Services Provided

  • Facility Condition Assessment
  • Green Recommendations
  • Capital Planning

Size & Location

220,000 SF, Montebello, CA