Case Study

Luxottica Refreshes Sunglass Hut 6000


Luxottica owns retail brands including Pearl Vision, Target Optical, Sunglass Hut, and Sears Optical. They needed assessments of current conditions to determine upgrades for some of their stores. Their workload exceeded the capacity of their in-house Project Manager Team, so they hired EMG to help refresh their stores.


EMG developed a survey to determine what needed to be done to refresh 150 Sunglass Hut stores, developing and validating the scope of the project. EMG’s ability to apply a process to a multisite program allowed Luxottica to beat critical schedule milestones and reduce the overall schedule, bringing their refreshed look to market earlier than they had planned. EMG is currently providing additional GC resources to Luxottica to increase their pool of qualified vendors and ensure them getting the best value from their GCs.


EMG Client


Asset Type


Services Provided

  • Site Surveys
  • Built Surveys
  • Punch List

Size & Location

150 sites in the U.S.