Case Study
Open Store Remodels

Planned Capital Improvements


Target wanted to evaluate the condition of the parking lots of all 1,800 of their stores. They could then analyze the data in any manner, to determine what work they should plan for summer of 2013 across their chain. Their goals were a chain-wide “look” of their parking lots, to identify repair/replacement candidates, and to help predict their annual spend on this asset.


EMG was hired to begin work October 1 and to finish the project by the end of the year. During that time, assessment of the parking lots of 1,783 stores and 40 distribution centers would be completed. The first step was to create a rating system in ProTrack, dividing each parking lot into five zones. Forty project managers attended a training to standardize their evaluations. They rated each zone for concrete and asphalt, and entered the rating into ProTrack, including data, site plans, and photos. One of EMG’s project managers built a prediction model based on the data and anticipated costs, designing the data base around what was needed to figure how to maximize the asset life extension by accomplishing planned capital improvements. EMG successfully completed the project on time, allowing the client to consider the results in the following year’s budget, and five years beyond. An unanticipated benefit was that some of the photos showed areas where additional projects should be planned to protect the assets, such as painting and replacing seals at the truck doors. These projects were also able to be considered when creating the next six years’ budgets.


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Services Provided

  • Survey Developed Based on PASER System
  • No Scope or Scheduling Changes
  • Recommendations to Management
  • Pre-Bid Meetings
  • Mid-Project Visits
  • Punch Walk and Closeout

Size & Location

Over 1,800


Six years