Case Study

Site Surveys and Assessments


Target has a Parking Lot initiative every year to touch several parking lots and perform needed work to bring the asset up to a 5 – 10 year extended life. EMG was assigned 13 parking lot sites late in the year in the Northeast to be completed by winter. EMG was tasked with verifying the needed scope based on the original surveys for each lot and finalizing the contract amount with the Contractors. Once the scope of work was finalized, EMG scheduled the preconstruction meeting and executed the project with full time onsite management.


EMG worked to visit each site immediately after the project was assigned, to confirm the scope of work. The goal during scope verification was to maximize the scope with the budget dollars that were authorized. Therefore, in many cases, EMG was able to reduce the scope in some areas of the parking lots and utilize those additional funds for other areas of the lot. During the preconstruction meetings, the final schedule was discussed and the goal was to complete the project in a short duration with minimal effect to the customers. EMG successfully managed the re-scoping, execution, and closeout of several parking lots for Target. EMG was able to maximize the budgets for each site to maximize the scope of work performed. EMG provided full-time onsite management, allowing direct communication to be handled with store management, as well as scope modification decisions to be made onsite as the work progressed, minimizing delays. In some cases, scope of work had to be modified during construction after the asphalt was milled off, to make sure Target was receiving their desired 5-10 year asset extension. EMG successfully completed all projects before winter and within budget. EMG received high marks on all project feedback forms from each store.


EMG Client


Asset Type


Services Provided

  • Survey Developed Based on PASER System
  • No Scope or Scheduling Changes.
  • Recommendations to Management.
  • Pre-bid Meetings
  • Mid-project Visits
  • Punch Walk and Closeout

Size & Location

Over 1,800 nationwide


3 months