Public Housing Authorities

For Public Housing Authorities—regardless of number of units—EMG is the go-to resource for all technical assessments, including the HUD Green Physical Needs Assessment (GPNA), and RAD Physical Needs Assessments. Our subject matter experts and project managers evaluate needs and project capital repair and replacement budgets on public housing facilities nationwide. Our proprietary software, AssetCALC™, also helps PHA Directors of Modernization collect and manage their data in a secure environment and empowers them with dynamic search and reporting capabilities.

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Chicago Housing Authority
Chicago Housing Authority

Physical Needs Assessment

County of Santa Barbara Housing Authority
County of Santa Barbara Housing Authority



Physical Needs Assessment and ADA

EMG has assessed over 300,000 units of Public Housing in the last three years. EMG provides critical services to PHAs nationwide, including:

HUD Rental Assistance Demonstration Program
A key part of the Department’s rental housing preservation strategy, which aims to preserve the nation’s supply of affordable rental housing, is the Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) program, which allows proven financing tools to be applied to at-risk public and assisted housing. Read more about RAD on the HUD website.

EMG has expertise in the three key elements of the RAD Physical Condition Assessment Statement of Work (RPCA SOW), and is available to complete reports nationwide.

  • Physical Condition Assessment (PCA)
    Existing conditions assessment to forecast future needs and capital costs over a 20-year term. EMG’s report identifies and prioritizes maintenance, repair, and modernization items throughout the building and site.
  • Energy Audit
    Comprehensive onsite assessment identifies potential areas for energy reduction and cost savings through the recommendation of Energy Conservation Measures. EMG provides a summary report of prioritized measures based on payback analysis and Savings to Investment Ratio.
  • Energy Benchmarking
    Baseline provides insight into the energy performance across all housing authority sites. EMG identifies areas with the greatest potential for energy savings, with recommendations for action. Energy Star Rating will be provided, if available.

Public Housing Authorities nation wide trust EMG as their single-source partner for every stage in the life cycle of their facilities, including:

EMG goes above and beyond: Every Client. Every Project. Every Time.
EMG is reliable, accurate, timely, and experienced—with a track record of over a million managed and completed projects across all 50 states. Since 1986, our team of environmental consultants, architects, engineers, and project managers has provided thousands of highly satisfied clients with services around the life cycle of their facilities: from engineering and environmental assessments upon acquisition or financing, to capital planning, to program and project management. EMG is committed to getting your job done right, a promise we fulfill with unparalleled real estate experience, best-in-class processes and technologies, and a client focus that consistently exceeds expectations.