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Arlington County, Virginia

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EMG performed comprehensive Facility Condition Assessments of 68 Arlington County properties. Other services provided included Capital Planning, Cost Estimating, and Asset Management Database services.  Additionally, during the course of the performance period, the U.S. Department of Justice cited Arlington County for non-compliance with ADA standards. As a result, EMG re-inspected and performed an ADA Review of each of the 68 buildings.

EMG assessed all physical components of the buildings and replacement costs of deficiencies and future capital needs were determined to assist in managing maintenance and capital planning. EMG professionals created floor plans for the location of deficiencies, verified existing equipment and components against the previous reports, and updated records accordingly.

Following the facility condition assessment, EMG did a thorough review of the consent order, inspected every building in the portfolio, and prepared a transition plan to bring the County into compliance. This plan compared violations with ADA requirements and provided estimates for repairing any deficiencies for compliance with federal accessibility standards.

EMG successfully prepared a plan that was accepted by the DOJ. Our consulting and third-party certification included an analysis of violations notice, field measurements, and cost estimates for remediation of deficiencies.


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EMG Client

Arlington County

Asset Type


Services Provided

  • Physical Needs Assessment
  • Capital Planning
  • AssetCALC™ Asset Management Database solution
  • ADA Review

Size & Location

68 Buildings, 3 MM SF, Virginia