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A national hotel brand experienced moisture challenges including: roof, window, and elevator shaft leaks, interior plumbing issues, and water intrusion in guest rooms. Our client reported that the roof was compromised, and drains were backing up across the entire structure. The integrity of the life-safety system was of particular concern. EMG’s Architectural & Engineering (A&E) team was engaged to perform Moisture Intrusion Assessments per ASTM E 3026-15 “Standard Guide for Readily Observable Moisture Affected Materials and Conditions Conducive to Elevated Moisture in Commercial Buildings: Visual Moisture Assessment Process,” Roof Condition Assessments (RCA), and Invasive/Destructive testing of the roof structure and building envelope. EMG advised the on-site manager and other points of contact, on the severity of the issue. A plan was immediately put into place that included a comprehensive investigation of the roof structure, building envelope, and electrical, and life-safety systems.


With its national team of technical experts, EMG was able to quickly deploy architectural and engineering professionals, including a Design Architect, to inspect the roofs, attics, mechanical systems, windows, vents, outer walls, and other possible sources of water intrusion. At one location, EMG’s Design Architect discovered imminent fire and life-safety failures due to a compromised roof drainage system, which ultimately led to water in the guest rooms. Leaks from windows and outer walls, were also found to be causing the extensive moisture issues at this property. With EMG’s thorough architectural and engineering assessments and recommendations, the Client was able to make well-informed decisions to proceed with repairs which were handled by EMG’s Project Management Division. EMG’s Senior Project Manager worked with the Client’s on-site manager to keep rooms operable and minimize any interruption to business operations.

EMG Client

National Hotel Brand

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Services Provided

  • Moisture Intrusion Assessments (ASTM E 3026-15)
  • Architectural & Engineering (A&E)
  • Project Management Services
  • Document Review
  • Design and Permit Process
  • Bid Package
  • Construction Management
  • Budgets and Schedules
  • Punch List

Size & Location

Mid-Atlantic, Pacific NW, and Central U.S.


Assessments: 1-3 weeks Project Management: Varied per location