Case Study

Bureau of Indian Affairs



EMG is working with 4tell Solutions in support of their term contract with the Bureau of Indian Affairs by conducting Facility Condition Assessment and Space Utilization Studies. Since 2011, EMG’s field team of architects and engineers has been performing complete comprehensive condition and life-cycle assessments of all sites utilizing 4tell’s software platform, iPlan. The facilities assessed include more than 350 sites nationwide encompassing over 5,700 buildings totaling 28 million square feet. Specifically, EMG and 4tell are providing the following deliverables:

• Assessments will consider and make recommendations of deficiencies for deferred maintenance as well as provide analysis of cost of deficiency, analysis of facility condition information and life cycle analysis for component renewal.
• Validate asset inventory provided by client to correct errors and omissions.
• Perform Portfolio Modeling functions and calculations for Operations and Maintenance allocations across portfolio using iPlan™ technology platform.
• Update AutoCAD drawings including floor and site plans.
• Serve as “Gatekeeper” in client internal facility system with responsibility for evaluating new and/or existing backlog items that are entered by field personnel before final acceptance into the system.
• Complete comprehensive space utilization analysis of 183 identified schools. Evaluation will determine whether school meets published criteria as required by client. Make recommendations and provide cost to remedy the deficiency.
• Upload deficiency and associated details, from assessments into Maximo.


EMG Client

4tell Solutions, LLP

Asset Type

K-12 Schools

Services Provided

  • Facility Condition Assessment
  • Space Utilization Study
  • Field Verification of Building Areas
  • Comparison to BIE Educational Standards
  • Building Area Tables

Size & Location

28 Million+ SF
5,700+ Buildings
350+ Locations Nationwide


2011 - 2016