Case Study

Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles



The Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles engaged EMG to conduct a GPNA and Investment Grade Energy Audit of its housing portfolio, including a 20-year action plan to bring each of the sites up to HUD standards for modernization and energy conservation standards.

EMG is performing comprehensive field audits for both physical needs and energy conservation measures of all HACLA sites, including common areas apartment units, administrative and management offices, community spaces, storage spaces, mechanical rooms and metering rooms.  All apartment appliances, laundry systems, HVAC systems and energy metering systems were reviewed and evaluated for energy savings opportunities and Energy Star alternatives.

The physical needs assessment conforms to the new 20-year term and provides a schedule for replacement of all current serviceable property components and characterized as long-term (20-year), short term, and immediate needs, including structural components, equipment, appliances, and materials. The physical needs assessment also included physical improvement needs for housing authority-wide non-dwelling structures and equipment assuming routine and timely maintenance within the next 20 years.

Investment grade energy audit (Level-III) was performed on all the properties under HACLA using TREAT software. This was followed by a Utility Allowance analysis on 72 different kinds of apartments. The allowance study was completed as per the guidelines specified in 24 CFR 965 E. The monthly allowance was calculated for natural gas (therms) usage for cooking, heating, and hot water, electric (kWh) usage for lighting, and base load-along with water (ccf) consumption for domestic use.


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EMG Client

Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles

Asset Type

Multi-Family Housing

Services Provided

  • Physical Needs Assessment
  • Energy Audit
  • Section 504 Compliance
  • Modernization
  • Section 3 Internships
  • GPNA Web Tool

Size & Location

8,000+ units