Investigating Permits, Fees, and Schedules



EMG was engaged by Del Taco to conduct Site Investigation Reports across the country as new locations are considered. While their Real Estate Department is still in negotiation with the landlord, they contact us. EMG calls the appropriate city and utility agencies to find out what the requirements will be for the type of site: Ground up, vacant lot, existing structure, or existing restaurant to be converted.


We do the research. We learn from the Zoning/Planning Department which, or if, Use permits will be required, based on building type and operation, including hours of operation, drive-through, etc. We also contact the Building Department to learn their requirements, including code compliance, submittal requirements, and number of sets of drawings needed. From the utilities companies, we determine what it will take to get power, water, gas, and sewer services to the site. Will tapping into a water or sewer line in the middle of the street be required? Will a transformer be needed for power? How much will these hook-ups cost? Are there any impact fees? How long will each step take? With these facts and figures in hand, Del Taco is able to better negotiate with the landlord. They can also determine how difficult it will be to get approvals and what the development costs will be. Having an understanding of the process and timeline for approvals allows Del Taco to better forecast opening dates and anticipated revenue from a new restaurant.