Case Study

New Branch Construction




EMG provided a complete start-to-finish solution to execute this bank’s focus on a high-end image. MidFirst Bank needed construction management to oversee new builds for its high-end bank, as well as project management assistance with launching the MidFirst brand in the Phoenix market. EMG was hired to manage the construction process, including site work and building construction. In addition, EMG worked extensively with architects and designers to ensure a luxurious, high-end feel was reflected across all project sites.


EMG took on all aspects of construction management, including Contractor selection, Quality control, Cost and schedule control, Weekly meetings with documentation, Utility approvals, Construction closeouts, Warranty walks, etc. EMG also worked directly with the owner and architects to resolve constructability issues efficiently. EMG delivered complete construction with certificates of occupancy, as well as the installation of client furniture, fixtures, and equipment—providing a true start-to-finish solution.


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EMG Client

MidFirst Bank

Asset Type


Services Provided

  • Quality Control
  • Bid Management
  • Installation Management
  • Cost & Schedule Control
  • Weekly Meetings with Documentation
  • Utility Approvals
  • Contractor Management
  • Construction Closeouts
  • Warranty Walks

Size & Location