Roof Assessments and Progress Inspections


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EMG was engaged to complete Roof Assessment for 96 hotels nationwide including all types of roofing systems: asphalt, shingle, clay barrel tile, and standing seam metal. The EMG Roof Assessments provide a non-biased, professional assessment of the roof condition, as well as a “ready-to-use” scope of work for bidding the project as roof repair or replacement. Extended Stay America called upon EMG’s strengths in providing a scope of work, communication with roofing contractors, and quality inspections of roof replacements at specified intervals.


Extended Stay America was provided with check lists, site plans, photographs, and comments to identify the scope of work required to bring roofs up to standards, from which bid packages could be created. The condition of all roofs concerned were evaluated and enabled Extended Stay America stakeholders to determine capital expenditure priorities.

EMG also was engaged to inspect the roof replacement work at specific intervals to confirm quality of work, adherence to safety protocols, and to keep projects on track and on time.

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