Case Study

Temporary Signage Rebrand




After the business acquisition of the Washington Mutual banking locations, JP Morgan Chase (JPMC) determined a rebranding Initiative was needed to temporarily rebrand signage at 708 properties in California by March 30, 2009, which included branch, mid-rise, high rise and downtown locations. JPMC engaged EMG to provide project management services overseeing the signage changes while adhering to a tight work schedule, only 90 days, to complete the rebranding while the sites were still handling daily operations and customers. After meeting with JPMC and understanding the stringent timeline and the temporary signage package, the EMG project team determined a two-phase approach, running concurrently, was needed to meet the tight 90 day timeframe


EMG successfully completed the temporary rebrand of all 708 California locations within the 90-day timeframe and exceeded JPMC’s expectations. The EMG branding process allowed JPMC to fully implement their changeover strategy for the market and, due to the effective execution of this program, EMG was invited to continue providing Project Management Services for Phase II of the rebranding initiative, the permanent rebranding of the subject sites. Based on the EMG project team’s performance, two members of the EMG project team were invited to become embedded employees at JPMC to assist their internal project managers with other rebranding initiatives. Additionally, JPMC selected the EMG Senior Project Manager to participate in the actual “unveiling” ceremony of a rebranded site, which included media activity. EMG’s knowledge of JPMC’s internal procedures and guidelines achieved the EMG goal of becoming a “true extension of your staff” and providing above-and-beyond customer service to the client.


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EMG Client

JP Morgan Chase

Asset Type


Services Provided

  • Process Development
  • Bid Management
  • Installation Management
  • Scheduling/Permitting
  • Site Assessments
  • Landlord Approvals
  • Contractor Management
  • Project Closeout

Size & Location

708 properties


90 days