GPNA / Green PCAs

Green PCAs and GPNAsEMG can do GREEN! With HUD’s, Fannie Mae’s, and Freddie Mac’s increased focus on energy conservation and green asset management, many new transactions require an assessment of energy consumption efficiency in the form of a Green Property Condition Assessment or a Green Physical Needs Assessment. In addition to having worked on thousands of green projects over the past ten years, EMG is one of a handful of approved consultants trusted by Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, and HUD to provide Green due diligence services.

Our GPNA, and Green Property Condition Assessments (PCA) are similar to the ASTM E2018-05 Baseline Property Condition Report, with the addition of Green elements, including current energy consumption and benchmarking data. Our Energy Benchmarking and Energy Audit Services includes two levels of energy audits:

  • Level I (Walk-through analysis)
  • Level II (Energy survey and analysis)

Both level of reports are completed meeting the nationally recognized ASHRAE standard and the requisite Fannie Mae and/or Freddie Mac Green requirements. EMG Energy Services gives clients the intelligence to create energy management and reduction plans with specific actions to obtain significant short- and long-term cost savings. EMG is the partner of choice to provide Green PCAs and GPNAs on HUD, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac transactions.

The EMG Green PCA Experience:

  • Mark-to-Market Green PCA
  • Integrated Pest Management Plan Inspections as part of the Green Operating & Maintenance Plan
  • Green Retrofit PNA
  • Investment Grade Energy Audits
  • Long-term Physical Needs Analysis

The EMG GPNA Experience:

  • Deep familiarity with HUD and the GPNA rule
  • All parts of the GPNA are performed in-house
  • EMG understands Section 3 participation
  • Our proprietary AssetCALC™ software provides the ability
    to look at every property in one database
  • AssetCALC™ data uploads directly into the GPNA Web Tool
  • Understanding of HUD’s requirements beyond the GPNA, including:
    • The need for LEED professionals and credentialed energy auditors
    • The requirement to include accessibility in the discussion

On Time. Every Time. Guaranteed.Phase I, Green PCA Report Delivery EMG is the only provider in the industry to guarantee the satisfaction of the timeliness of reports to meet our clients’ deadlines to fund their loans.