Where is QPM?


QPM is now the Project Management Division of EMG.

In September, 2014, EMG and Quality Project Management, LLC (“QPM”), two national, privately-owned companies that provide a broad range of services to real estate owners, retailers, commercial lenders, institutional owners, and government entities, merged to become the largest project management and technical assessment company in the United States. The combined company provides more national coverage, technical resources, and services to assist clients in managing their real estate assets.

Claude N. Limoges, CEO of EMG, said, “The decision to merge evolved over a three-year period as both companies recognized the value a merger would bring to our clients.” The QPM and EMG leadership teams carefully integrated the companies over the past year to deliver more services throughout the life cycle of real estate, and focused subject matter expertise, to their clients.

“Both companies share the same core values of reliability, accuracy, timeliness, and experience,” said Ronald F. Stupi, a former Principal of QPM and now a Principal of EMG and its Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “As one company and brand, EMG is now able to offer one seamless point of contact for unbiased, timely, and accurate engineering, environmental, capital planning, and project management services across the nation.”

The Project Management Division of EMG specializes in construction and planned capital improvements for Fortune 500 companies across the United States. Working with clients across a broad range of industries including retail, restaurants, convenience stores, banking, grocery, airports, healthcare, and hospitality, EMG helps to manage the budgets, schedule, and quality of its clients’ projects, ensuring that dedicated funds are spent wisely. The company leverages ProTrack, its proprietary web-based software, to track project data and timelines and to generate reports.

The merged company employs approximately 550 people located in 37 states, serving the entire U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico. EMG’s primary offices will remain in Owings Mills, Maryland and in Scottsdale, Arizona, with satellite offices in Florida and in California.