Commissioning / Retrocommissioning

Optimize energy use and reduce operating and maintenance costs through effective building commissioning (Cx), retrocommissioning (RCx), and re-commissioning services. Owners of buildings, their facility managers and building engineers need to ensure that the Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) systems are operating effectively and efficiently. HVAC, lighting, and building management systems (BMS), or building automation systems (BAS) must function according to manufacturers specifications in order to reduce energy consumption, maintain air quality and contribute to overall energy saving strategies. Let us help you achieve new or existing energy, operating, and maintenance goals and/or requirements for your facilities.

Building Commissioning Case Studies

Our mission critical commissioning, retrocommissioning, andĀ re-commissioning services include:

  • Building Commissioning
    • Full Life Cycle Commissioning
    • LEED Commissioning
    • Building Retrocommissioning (RCx)
    • Building Re-commissioning
    • Continuous Building Commissioning
    • Facility Surveys and Audits
    • Operations Support
  • Energy Studies
    • Control Systems Architecture and Design
    • Control Systems Integration
    • Energy and Asset Performance (EAP)
    • Level I, II and III Energy Audits
    • Measurement & Verification
  • Utilities Monitoring
    • Electrical Metering
    • Gas Metering
    • Steam Metering
    • Water Metering
  • Engineering Services
    • Systems Integration Engineering
    • Building Automation and Controls Design
    • Peer Reviews
    • Construction Administration and Field Engineering
  • Logistics
    • Procurement Services
    • Bid Leveling Performance Analysis and Best Value Selection
    • Production Scheduling and Expediting QA/QC
  • Program Management
    • Overall Building Commissioning Project ManagementĀ (CxA)
    • Assistance with and adherence to Owner’s Project Requirements (OPR)
    • Construction Management Assistance
    • RFP/Contract Development
    • Schedule and Cost Control
    • Value Engineering
    • Construction Quality Assurance