Case Study
C-Store/Petroleum Custom Condition Assessment

Global C-Store/Retail Fuel/Petroleum Company


A global convenience store / petroleum company engaged EMG’s Transaction Division to perform engineering, electrical, and plumbing evaluations to support its acquisition of over 1100 real estate assets from another well-known industry player. The time sensitive data and reports delivered by EMG were critical to successful deal negotiations. EMG had an existing relationship with this company through its Project Management Division.


EMG’s professionals provided information to help the Client understand the condition of the assets being purchased under a tight time frame. The client appreciated having a single point of contact for multiple specialty services, real-time communication of issues, flexible scheduling, scalable process to handle multiple nationwide sites, and customized reporting.

EMG provided a more efficient, scalable, and consistent reporting process than the Client was accustomed to on prior transactions.  EMG’s summary tables helped the Client to sort data in a way that they could easily consume and deploy for time-critical decision-making.

The Client now partners with EMG for Project Management, Asset Management, and Transactional real estate initiatives.



EMG Client

Global C-Store/Retail Fuel/Petroleum Company

Asset Type

Convenience Store/Retail Fuel/Petroleum

Services Provided

  • Engineering Report: Custom Condition Assessment
  • Electrical Assessment
  • Plumbing Assessment

Size & Location

1100+ sites, nationwide


62 days