Case Study
Storm Damage Assessments & Restoration

Post-Storm Damage Assessments


A long-term hospitality client of EMG engaged our team to perform Storm Damage Assessments immediately following the 2017 hurricane impacts in Texas and Florida to determine the scope of work needed to repair damage to the properties. EMG was also contracted to provide project management services for the expedited restoration and repair of the hotels.


Working with the Client stakeholders and onsite management, EMG quickly deployed a team of experts and experienced project managers to assess impacted sites. Our team delivered detailed property assessments which were used to obtain bids from local general contractors.

The scope of EMG’s Storm Damage Assessments was as follows:
• Site Access: Assess ingress/egress issues and the general conditions of the
• Site and Surroundings: Report on downed trees/materially damaged landscaping, significant ponding/drainage issues, buckling or damage to parking lots/flatwork, any utility issues, and damage to light poles, the entrance and ancillary signage.
• Building Exterior: Assess moisture-related staining/discoloration/damage on building exteriors and check for evidence of vandalism/forced entry; downspouts/scuppers issues; cracked/broken windows/doors; and damaged exterior light fixtures/features, exterior-mounted signage, and canopies.
• Roofs: Determine readily observable roof, parapet wall/coping/flashing, and
gutter/downspout damage.
• Building Interiors: Assess the condition of the general interior, including visual evidence of moisture intrusion/flooding; staining or discoloration
apparent on the walls, ceilings, and observable finishes. EMG created a photographic moisture map of affected rooms.
• MEP Assessment: Assess and report any evidence of Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Systems (MEP) issues.

After the Client’s properties were assessed, EMG was engaged to perform Construction Management services which expedited the Client’s ability to get its properties open and back in business. Renovations and repairs were made in phases, which enabled the properties to remain open and earn revenue during the process. The Client was pleased with the comprehensive Storm Damage Assessments and photographic moisture map documents and was also impressed with EMG’s Project Management services and has engaged EMG on additional projects outside of the hurricane assessments.


EMG Client

Nationwide Hotel Owner/Operator

Asset Type


Services Provided

Size & Location

14 locations in FL, 5 locations in TX


2017 Storm Season