Case Study
Retail Fuel / Convenience Store

Project Management & Retail Fuel Installation Inspections


In 2014, a national, big-box retail chain needed an experienced and unbiased third-party company to oversee the new construction of fueling stations and the installation of equipment. EMG was engaged to provide project management services across the country to over 100 locations. Petrol/retail fuel installations carry risk and must be performed according to a stringent set of federal, state, and local codes. Based upon decades of successfully completed projects in the retail, petrol, and convenience store industries, EMG was an ideal fit.

EMG’s project managers were involved from pre-construction all the way to punch walk and final close-out. Some of our key responsibilities included the following installation inspections: UST system, piping, joints, fittings and penetrations, tank pad readiness, fuel components and apparatuses, and concrete pre-pour. Post construction, EMG ensured that many elements – such as the kiosk interior and exterior, flat work, mechanical fixtures, safety apparatus, fueling components, canopy, lighting, landscaping, and TX/RX – were in place according to our client’s specifications.


EMG has completed projects in 125 locations in accordance with industry, company, and OSHA standards. Every project task has been tracked in ProTrack, EMG’s proprietary project management tool, enabling stakeholders to view real-time progress and results. To date, all our client’s fueling stations became operational on-schedule and on-budget. The construction of fueling stations is an important on-going strategic initiative for this big-box retailer, and EMG has played a key role in its success.



EMG Client

National Big-Box Retailer

Asset Type

Convenience Store/Retail Fuel/Petroleum

Services Provided

  • Project Management
  • ProTrack

Size & Location

125+ locations in 18 states