Case Study

“La Boulange” Retrofit and Roll-out




In 2012, Starbucks purchased the French bakery, “La Boulange,” based in San Francisco. Their intent was to get all their stores ready to offer pastry in the entire chain by early 2014. EMG was asked to ensure that there were freezer capacity and warming capabilities in every store. After a preliminary sample of 200 stores in San Francisco, EMG was awarded 3,500 stores nationwide, and was asked to train other vendors to use ProTrack. The final installations were completed mid-December, 2013.


The documentation developed by EMG eliminates issues in three steps:

1. We try to eliminate potential problems by having a good survey, which the Project Manager creates when visiting the site, and which the contractor and foremen review. These multiple layers of review catch most issues before they exist in three dimensions.

2. There is a process in place to handle issues on site—either abort the project or address the issue as soon as possible, to resolve it.

3. By calling the store manager the morning after work is done, we try to eliminate what might be a perceived issue before it is escalated. Good communication results in fewer crises. In New York City, Starbucks thought 200 stores couldn’t possibly be done, due to site constraints. But we did them! There is an emphasis on continuous improvement, continually updating all processes as we learn. This increases the chances that the project will be executed as it should be, and provides the client consistency throughout their projects, whether 200 in San Francisco or 3,500 nationwide.


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EMG Client


Asset Type


Services Provided

  • Process Development
  • Contractor Management
  • Bid Management
  • Scheduling / Permitting / Budgeting
  • Construction Management
  • ProTrack
  • Survey & Assessment

Size & Location

3,500 stores, nationwide


2012 - 2013