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Montgomery County, Maryland



In 2008, the Montgomery County Council adopted a resolution to implement a comprehensive Climate Protection Plan that includes adopting LEED standards for new building construction, Energy Star standards for new commercial and residential construction, reductions in fleet emissions, and a 25% reduction in energy use throughout the County’s building portfolio of 5 million square feet. EMG was tasked by the Division of Real Estate to develop an energy reduction plan and cost savings plan to meet the reduction goals by 2013.

EMG analyzed a portfolio of 150 County-owned buildings including a library, courthouse and correctional facility, offices, emergency facilities, IT facilities, performing arts facilities, and housing. Based on the initial study, EMG prepared a phased plan that delivers more than 25% in annual energy savings and more than 35% in annual utility cost saving by year 5 of the plan. EMG completed benchmarking and performed detailed ASHRAE Level II audits on the County buildings. EMG also conducted detailed benchmark studies followed by comprehensive energy audits for all County buildings.

A Master Energy and Water Use Reduction Plan was provided to the Board including recommendations and an implementation plan to reduce energy use, cost, and fossil fuel emissions for the building portfolio by more than 25% by 2013. A detailed M&V Plan, including the whole facility and retrofit isolation approaches, was also provided as part of the energy reduction plan to measure and quantify the attained energy savings through installation of sub-meters for electricity and major electrical equipment, vortex flow meters for steam and hydronic loops, installation of 15-minute pulse electric meters that measure interval electric demands, and instantaneous loads for the building. The plan also included expansion and integration of all measuring equipment into a portfolio building management system for data monitoring and trending.

EMG identified more than $550,000 in annual savings opportunities in the buildings surveyed.


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Montgomery County, Maryland

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  • General Energy Audit
  • Benchmarking

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150 Buildings