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New Builds




EMG provided a Construction Manager for Safeway with solid ground-up grocery and fuel construction experience who effectively managed the variety of projects. Ten weeks prior to opening, advertising efforts began notifying surrounding neighbors of the “Grand Opening” date. This was not a flexible timeline. EMG’s project manager successfully kept all projects on schedule. EMG’s Project Manager developed a consistent, phased construction schedule to ensure the correct installation timing and phases for the new grocery stores. At one point, it was determined that the architectural plans had omitted details such as wiring to the refrigeration cases and their controls, and an anchor for a roof beam was incorrectly located. Being on site continuously, EMG’s Project Manager provided the right oversight to ensure crucial items were all followed and managed correctly. EMG was invited to quality-check the architectural plans from that point forward, and later projects were directed toward the team of EMG and Esencia Architects to provide new store construction management services as well as architectural and engineering services to support this program.


EMG brought cost savings to Safeway by effectively managing all excess supplies and equipment, ensuring these items were returned to the manufacturers for full credit, and also by recommending an alternate canopy coating on some of their fuel centers. All six projects were brought in on time and within budget.


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EMG Client


Asset Type


Services Provided

  • Pre-bid Meetings
  • Coordinating Local Inspections
  • Store Equipment Orders
  • Scheduling/Tracking/Cost Estimating
  • Bid Process Participation
  • Managing GC and Refrigeration Subcontractor
  • Change Order Review
  • Punch Walk and Closeout

Size & Location

6 locations, Arizona


10 weeks