Case Study

New Growth Strategy




Harbor Freight Tools (HFT) had a corporate initiative to pursue a more aggressive growth strategy, increasing their national store count first by 25 new locations during their fiscal year, followed by a plan to increase their stores by 50 during the following fiscal year. This was a big change for HFT, since historically their store growth strategy consisted of approximately ten stores per year. HFT understood that to increase their standard new store count by up to five times their normal workload, a solid process needed to be in place to ensure the plan’s success. To support this aggressive growth strategy, HFT engaged EMG to provide Construction Management Services and Process Development in support of their rapid nationwide growth plan. EMG was required to step in and immediately begin managing nine locations already in progress, due to be completed within 12 weeks, as well as determine the best process moving forward to ensure HFT was able to meet already-scheduled opening deadlines for these new stores.


Based on EMG’s ability to successfully onboard this client and develop the necessary processes to support their aggressive growth strategy, HFT successfully met their original goal of 25 new stores within a 4-month timeframe. In addition, the processes and documents now in place will allow HFT to continue their plan of an additional 50 locations by the end of their fiscal year. Most importantly, EMG was able to develop not only the optimum process for HFT to follow but we also developed an Accelerated Plan/Process that could be used when the project timelines are much faster than originally planned. HFT can now accelerate and project timelines, if needed. ProTrack has provided a customized tracking system for HFT to monitor all project progress, including real estate development, due diligence, and all aspects of the construction process.


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EMG Client

Harbor Freight Tools

Asset Type


Services Provided

  • Process Development
  • Planning/Permitting
  • Program Flowcharts
  • Project Checklists
  • Cost Estimating
  • Store Equipment Orders
  • Budgets/Schedules
  • ProTrack

Size & Location

Nationwide, 25 new stores


4 months