Case Study

Remodels to Continually Update


Panera Bread


Panera Bread increased their yearly plan for the defensive remodel program—updating the customer area/front of the house—on a standard cycle, to keep it fresh. They brought EMG in to augment their existing staff to manage the increased workload. EMG managed their assigned sites from preliminary scoping visits and pro forma budget creation through construction and closeout.


EMG worked to integrate with the existing internal design and PM team. It was critical to learn the client-specific development processes and execute the remodels in accordance with the standards of the already-established program. EMG participated in the initial scoping visits for each site, preparing the initial budgets and packages for approval. EMG managed the permitting and vendor selection processes, reviewing and qualifying the contractor bids and vendor proposals. During construction, EMG managed the GC and communications with the operations team. The typical project duration is three weeks of overnight construction. EMG partners from the beginning on each site, truly representing a full extension of their special projects management staff. With EMG’s help, Panera Bread achieved the goal for completed remodels for the year. The partnership will continue this year. EMG has been given the opportunity to work on other project types in addition to the original remodels.


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EMG Client

Panera Bread

Asset Type


Services Provided

  • Process Development
  • Scheduling / Permitting / Budgeting
  • Contractor Management
  • Bid Management
  • Construction Management
  • Ground Breaking Meetings
  • ProTrack

Size & Location

70 sites


3 weeks of overnight construction