Case Study

Seismic Retrofit




Whole Foods hired EMG to manage the seismic retrofits of a dozen of their stores in Southern California, which included coordinating landlord approvals in the leased buildings. Also assisting with bidding and bid review, EMG made recommendations as to which General Contractors should be awarded the bids. Once awarded, the EMG project manager worked closely with all parties to schedule the work, which was required to be done overnight and cleaned up each morning sufficiently for customers to shop safely.


Working with the structural engineer, EMG was able to advise on practicality of suggestions made, and in conjunction with the contractor, determine the best way to address each issue. Weekly site visits ensured that the suggestions were implemented correctly and in a timely manner. Cost control was important while working on a Time and Materials contract. We were able to maintain a schedule to meet the client’s projected expenditures and timeline. Also, scope was better contained and costs controlled due to our involvement; previously, the scope of work was more driven by the General Contractor and their consideration as to what should or what should not be done. Scope and cost were better controlled due to our immediate presence and frequent site visits.


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EMG Client

Whole Foods

Asset Type


Services Provided

  • Site Evaluation
  • Contractor Management
  • Bid Process Management
  • Scheduling / Permitting / Budgeting
  • Construction Management
  • Equipment Delivery
  • Coordinate with Store Operations

Size & Location

12 locations, California


10 weeks