Case Study

Shell ADA Compliance Program


Shell Oil


Shell required ADA enhancements to over 500 existing gasoline stations. EMG was engaged to review the plans and scope of work for compliance, request and review bids, prepare site-specific budgets and schedules, inspect upon completion to ensure compliance, review payment applications and review the project closeout package.


This project was complicated by significant discrepancies between the Consent Decree and the original scope of work. Once EMG had identified these discrepancies, special attention was given to each site in order to ensure compliance with the Consent Decree—in some cases, even requiring scope of work be redone and re-permitted. EMG’s diligent interpretation of the Consent Decree requirements, along with detailed preconstruction walks and post-construction documentation, ensured full compliance with the legal agreement.This reduced the possibility of rework and ensured timeline completion of the program. Shell was able to document the ADA enhancements and compliance, which mitigated risk and legal exposure.


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EMG Client


Asset Type

Convenience Stores / Petroleum

Services Provided

  • ADA compliance
  • Request and review bids
  • Budgets/Schedules
  • Completion Inspections
  • Payment Applications Reviews
  • Project Closeout Package Review

Size & Location

500 stations