Case Study

Verizon Rebranding Project


Verizon Wireless


The acquisition of Alltel Corporation by Verizon Wireless prompted a rebranding/remodeling initiative at 75 Alltel retail sites across the south from West Texas to Florida. The project required working with and in four separate Verizon Business Units in Dallas, Houston, Little Rock, and Tampa. Each business unit had their own unique process for conducting construction or remodel projects. The Scope of Work requirements ranged from minor cosmetic upgrades to extensive renovations of building interiors. The most complex projects had 9-week construction duration, not including the preconstruction portion of each project. Each store remained open during the project and sales were not to be impacted by the construction projects.


All stores were completed as scheduled. Surprisingly, sales at renovated stores increased during the construction projects, even though the size of each was dramatically reduced while areas undergoing work were sectioned off. The process and procedures developed by EMG’s embedded Project Manager were distributed to other regions for their use on these and future projects. The EMG Team provided an alternate solution to the rebranding process and was able to produce a reduced cost savings project schedule from the process yet providing the same end result. The Regional President of Verizon Wireless recognized the Real Estate and Facilities Team with a Verizon President’s Award for the work on the Alltel Transition. EMG’s work in supporting the team was cited by team members as a key reason for the success of the project. The model is now known and consistent across the county.


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EMG Client

Verizon Wireless

Asset Type


Services Provided

  • Process Development
  • Scheduling/Permitting
  • Refresh & Renovation
  • Contractor Management
  • Bid Management
  • Construction Management
  • IT Management
  • ProTrack

Size & Location

Nationwide, 75 stores


As little as nine weeks.