EMG Perspective – Fall 2016


Protect Your Facility Family from Potential Risks and Liabilities

EMG Perspective Newsletter Spring 2016Facility Managers and Directors are the patriarchs or matriarchs of their portfolios. And each facility is a dependent that needs to be monitored and molded so it can serve the company in the best possible way. Just as parents need to constantly be mindful of their children’s whereabouts, Facility Managers and Directors must understand the condition of their assets and constantly be vigilant about the potential liabilities and risks that could bring substantial hardship to their companies.

EMG works with Facility Managers and Directors to assess the current state of their facility assets which includes going well beyond aesthetics to identify true safety items and liability exposure. Some common “hot spots” include:

  • Non-compliance with ADA which could lead to Department of Justice fines and civil lawsuits.
  • Parking lot issues that could lead to slip, trip, and falls.
  • Weathered light poles and sign poles which could collapse or break apart, injuring bystanders
  • Moisture intrusion that could lead to structural damage and unhealthy working conditions

Facility Managers and Directors with relatively small asset families can typically oversee facility conditions without the need for a third-party vendor. As the number of assets grow, it becomes more cost-efficient to partner with an outside firm to not only conduct facility assessments, but also to oversee repair and renovation projects.

EMG partners with top companies and brands across the nation to help minimize risks associated with their facilities, and maintain strong portfolios that help them to thrive. If you’re considering working with a third-party vendor, here are some key considerations:

  • Expertise: Your chosen vendor should have strong industry and asset experience.
  • Unbiased: Will your vendor be able to deliver an honest assessment without regard to any potential follow-on work?
  • Consistency: Ideally, your partner will have a team of trained professionals who adhere to the same best practices. This leads to consistent, accurate asset data.
  • Reporting: How will your vendor report asset data? EMG uses a proprietary tool called AssetCALC™ which empowers our clients to tap consistently formatted, easily accessible real-time data.

As the patriarch or matriarch of your company’s facilities, are you being proactive in assessing and remedying risks? If not, start today by visiting EMG University which is filled with helpful checklists, tip sheets, and guides to help you better manage facility liabilities and exposure.


At EMG and among his clients, Robert Lerch is known as “the parking lot guy.”  Robert Lerch at EMGIt’s a title he wears proudly.  For the past 12 years, Robert has served as a Senior Program Manager for EMG working with large retail facilities, such as Home Depot, and retail centers across the nation to oversee significant capital programs to repair and replace parking lots. He helps EMG clients to ensure their parking lots are not over or under designed and meet company standards. From the initial RFP through bidding, all the way to execution and close-out, Robert works hand-in-hand with EMG clients every step of the way.

Robert has a Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Pennsylvania State University and is LEED AP certified.  When not “parked” on a client project, he enjoys golfing and ATVing.


Target Parking Lots

Target has a Parking Lot initiative every year to touch several parking lots and perform needed work to bring the asset up to a 5 – 10 year extended life. EMG was assigned a number of parking lot sites late in the year in the Northeast to be completed by winter. EMG was tasked with verifying the needed scope based on the original surveys for each lot and finalizing the contract amount with the Contractors. Once the scope of work was finalized, EMG scheduled the preconstruction meeting and executed the project with full-time onsite management. 1800 parking lots were added to the scope of work on this project.

Learn more about EMG’s approach and the results of this project.