EMG Perspective – Winter 2016

RON’S CORNER – What Will You Do Differently in 2016?

ron-corner-newA new year is upon us, and if yours is like most growth-minded organizations, that means new opportunities, new projects, and new challenges. All of the change that comes along with a fresh calendar is exciting, but it can also be overwhelming.

As leaders in our respective positions, we must challenge ourselves and commit to learning new skills that make ourselves and those around us better. Resolve to evolve, and know that what worked in 2015 may not work in the New Year.

Here are five important questions to help you challenge yourself. Whether they relate to you specifically with the adoption of a new toolset or methodology, each one can help you devise a personal plan to make positive changes in 2016.

1. What training do you need?
Are there seminars, conferences, or online courses you should attend? Think about the skills and practices you have been looking to adopt and learn for some time. Make 2016 the year you make education-related aspirations a reality.

2. What training or tools does your team need?
In addition to your personal skills development, consider education opportunities for members of your team. Empowering people with a sense of purpose and encouraging them to master their role within your organization are two key factors that A) improve the overall talent level of your team and B) motivate individuals to remain loyal and avoid seeking employment elsewhere.

3. How can you leverage resources differently?
Are there modifications you can make to get the most out of your team? Is there a need to alter the way in which you work with or rely upon partners and/or service providers? We often get stuck in doing things the way we always have done them; how can you leverage partners to improve best practices? Sometimes even the slightest shift in strategy can yield amazing results.

4. How can you leverage technology differently?
Can the tools at your disposal today help you automate tasks that are unnecessarily manual? How can you utilize technology to make more informed business decisions? What new programs or software platforms can be adopted to help solve nagging issues that are in dire need of a resolution?

5. How can you leverage other teammates and departments differently?
Looking within your organization but outside your team, consider working with other department heads and leaders within the company to create new synergies from which everyone can benefit. The simple act of aligning on a common mission between departments or groups within your organization can foster cooperative balance and mitigate gratuitous conflicts among teams.

Making changes, no matter how small, can be difficult. I have personally relied upon the wisdom and help of Brian Biro, “America’s Breakthrough Coach.” I encourage you to look into his 30-day Avanoo Program, which provides two to three minutes of self-improvement advice and motivation right to your Inbox. This program provided some excellent pearls of knowledge that I have been able to apply to our practices here at EMG, and I truly hope it can do the same for you.

Whether it be a technical skill, a people skill, or a management skill, seek out one important improvement this year, and make it a priority. From all of us at EMG, we wish you continued success in 2016.

FEATURED PROJECT – Shell ADA Compliance Program

Shell Oil

Shell required ADA enhancements to over 500 existing gasoline stations. EMG was engaged to review the plans and scope of work for compliance, request and review bids, prepare site-specific budgets and schedules, inspect upon completion to ensure compliance, review payment applications and review the project closeout package.

Learn more about EMG’s approach and the results of this project.


Ron Photo1 (1)Ron Melchior is EMG’s Manager of Expanded Environmental Services, a role in which he oversees nearly all new and follow-up environmental work.

Mr. Melchior originally joined EMG as an intern in the summer of 2007 and was quickly absorbed into the environmental team as a technical management assistant. In 2008, Ron started to diversify his responsibilities to include assisting with the Expanded Environmental department. He took over the role as the manager of the department in the summer of 2009, a position he has had ever since.

Over the years, Mr. Melchior’s responsibilities have included the execution of asbestos-containing materials investigations, lead-based paint investigations, radon testing, mold/microbiology investigations, indoor air quality investigations, and hazardous waste disposal. Under Ron’s leadership, EMG works with a wide network of in-house resources as well as alliance partners (subcontractors) to execute the work nationwide, plus some services on an international level in Europe (radon mainly).

Ron’s true passion is radon, which has evolved to become a major concern in our industry in recent years. With Mr. Melchior’s guidance and tutelage, EMG has grown with the radon market to understand many different client scopes as well as the industry standards such as the ANSI-AARST standards for testing in multifamily buildings. Ron has several goals related to continued growth in this area for EMG, including the adoption of licensing programs for technicians in some states, the adoption of that ANSI-AARST standard in Ohio, and HUD’s adoption of radon testing requirements for multifamily properties.

Ron enjoys spending time with his wife, Gayle, his young son, Lincoln, and his cat, Hank. He is also a big fan of snowboarding, golf, video gaming, and reading.