Let EMG’s web-enabled database solution, AssetCALC™ store, analyze and prioritize facility data across your entire portfolio and simplify your next capital planning process.

AssetCALC™ manages collected data in a secure, cloud-based environment conveniently accessible in one place, with dynamic search and customizable reporting capabilities for all capital planning and asset management needs.


Depending on our clients’ needs, EMG uses multiple technology platforms via strategic partners including 4Tell’s iPlan™ and Dude Solutions® from Facility Dude.

Key FeaturesAssetCALC Key Features

AssetCALC™ has dynamic search capabilities as well as customizable reporting.

  • Easy export of data into Excel
  • Easy migration of data into popular Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) and Capital Planning Management Systems (CPMS)
  • Easy to save graphics
  • Energy Audit Module
  • Wide range of standard and custom reports
  • Present and future funding projections
  • Cost data pulled from EMG’s Master Cost Library
  • ADA Compliance library to plan and track accessibility improvements.
  • Facility Condition Index (FCI) graphing which provides benchmark for repair and replace decisions


Am I able to edit data in the database?

A: Yes! Keeping AssetCALC™ up to date with completed projects and new information is key to its usefulness. Clients can and are encouraged to update, delete, or add any data they would like after your program has gone ‘Final.’ You can also add photos and documents, and even add facilities that were not part of the original EMG services. You may assign other users in your organization rights to do the same.

Is AssetCALC™ accessible on mobile devices?

A: Yes! AssetCALC™ is built ‘responsively’ – i.e. it knows how to rearrange screen elements depending on the size of the device you are using. All modern mobile browsers and devices are supported.

Do we have the ability to prioritize projects based on both condition and non-condition data?

A: Yes! We have an extensive ‘Priority Score’ system that allows clients to rank projects by condition, building, component type, category, code violation, and replacement year. Each criterion can be weighted and adjusted per client specifications.

Which web browsers are supported?

A: All modern browsers – Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer (version 9 or greater) are supported, as well as all mobile browsers. We code the site using industry-standard ‘fallback’ frameworks (e.g. boilerplate, Bootstrap, Modernizr) that correct for differences in browsers to standardize the experience.

How often is the software updated?

A: Updates occur two to three times per week. Most changes are incremental, adding functionality or streamlining interactions. Occasionally, we will fully redesign a feature, but we provide ‘in-context’ help (i.e. – Popups) to help users with new features.

What technologies are used to make AssetCALC™ work?

A: Short answer: industry standard stuff, nothing weird. Long answer: Platform is Microsoft Server 2008, IIS6, hosted offsite by EvolveIP, File System for photos and document storage, HTTPS/SSL Certified; Database: Microsoft SQL Server 2010; Server Side: C# v4, Entity Framework v6.1; Authentication: ASP.NET Membership; Front End: ASP.NET v4, Angular (jQuery), Bootstrap/boilerplate, Google Maps (and MapBox).

Where is AssetCALC™ hosted? Is it secure?

A: AssetCALC™ is hosted on a virtual server by a dedicated professional hosting service. The database is backed up twice daily and kept for about one year. Server images are kept for at least one month. AssetCALC™ uses an SSL certificate (HTTPS) for communication to and from the server; all info is encrypted during transport.

What training is available for the staff that will use AssetCALC™?

A: EMG provides training sessions for all users upon delivery of your data. Typically, we will provide one main training session, and then a follow-up session after you’ve had a chance to use the software for a while. Additional training is always available if/when necessary, and our support staff is always available to answer your questions and walk you through anything you need help with.

I have a work order system and/or capital planning software. Is AssetCALC™ compatible?

A: AssetCALC™ provides exports in many formats that will allow you to import data into other systems. Additionally, we are happy to help create a more specific export format for your particular software. More complex direct integrations are possible, but most clients prefer the transparency and control they have with more explicit data transfer.

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