Facility Equipment Inventory

Facility Directors and Managers who need to have a complete, accurate inventory of their equipment – including HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, and Security Systems – to enter in their computerized maintenance management software (CMMS), EMG’s Facility Equipment Inventory Solution is their answer. Our national team of professionals collect and record a wide range of data including the equipment’s make and model number and location. We also photograph the equipment for complete documentation. EMG’s national coverage, cutting-edge technologies and best practices, enable us to execute Facility Equipment Inventory projects swiftly and efficiently. With accurate information in-hand, our clients are able to swiftly react to maintenance calls and develop preventative maintenance programs.

Some of the key benefits of EMG’s Facility Equipment Inventory Solution are:

  • Our team’s expertise lets our clients focus on other responsibilities.
  • We provide consistent results—no need to coordinate dozens of local vendors.
  • EMG’s national coverage facilitates quick execution.

EMG provides services across the real estate life cycle, including:

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EMG is reliable, accurate, timely, and experienced—with a track record of over a million managed and completed projects across all 50 states. Since 1986, our team of environmental consultants, engineers, and project managers has provided thousands of highly satisfied clients with services around the life cycle of their facilities: from engineering and environmental assessments upon acquisition or financing, to capital planning, to program and project management. EMG is committed to getting your job done right, a promise we fulfill with unparalleled real estate experience, best-in-class processes and technologies, and a client focus that consistently exceeds expectations.