Planned Capital Programs

By properly planning and executing capital and facility lifecycle programs, EMG helps our clients get ahead of the curve, proactively anticipating and executing Planned Capital needs without incurring excess costs, while providing peace of mind. From planned capital improvements such as solar panel programs, parking lot repairs, and lighting retrofits, to the need for rushed “unexpected maintenance,” our consistent, scalable, and highly efficient execution helps ensure that our clients’ multi-site planned capital, facility, and upgrade programs are successful—while bringing constant communication to all team members and stakeholders.

We invite you to read these capital improvements case studies.

Giant Eagle
Giant Eagle

Lighting Retrofit Program

Public Storage
Public Storage

Solar Panel Program

Some of the key benefits of EMG Planned Capital Programs are:

  • Proactive planning saves money and provides peace of mind.
  • Maximizes planned capital programs’ efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Increases all facilities’ efficiency at program level.
  • Key communication and reporting serves all parties involved.
  • Takes the worry out of needed rush maintenance project work.

EMG provides services across the real estate life cycle, including:

EMG goes above and beyond: Every Client. Every Project. Every Time.
EMG is reliable, accurate, timely, and experienced—with a track record of over a million managed and completed projects across all 50 states. Since 1986, our team of environmental consultants, architects, engineers, and project managers has provided thousands of highly satisfied clients with services around the life cycle of their facilities: from engineering and environmental assessments upon acquisition or financing, to capital planning, to program and project management. EMG is committed to getting your job done right, a promise we fulfill with unparalleled real estate experience, best-in-class processes and technologies, and a client focus that consistently exceeds expectations.