Site Investigation Reports

Many factors need to be considered when determining if a chosen location will be a profitable. EMG is expert at helping clients throughout the nation anticipate costs and mitigate risk. We know that understanding the process and timeline for approvals is key to forecasting opening dates and anticipating revenue. Our site investigation reports can include: Site History, Planning and Zoning, Mall/Developer Design Criteria, Liquor License, Signage, Parking, Building Permits, Environmental, Health and Food Permits, Electric, Other Utilities, Time Frames, and Permit and Impact Fees. Reports are based on information obtained from the approving governmental agencies and utility companies; we meet with municipalities to further research feasibility, including zoning, permitting, codes, and community politics.

We invite you to read these Site Investigation case studies.


Navigating Through a Difficult Permit Process

Del Taco
Del Taco

Investigating Permitting, Fees, and Schedules

Some of the key benefits of EMG Site Investigation reports are:

  • More than 500 EMG technical experts nationwide.
  • Unmatched scalable processes to handle portfolios of any size.
  • Consistency in report formats and executive summary matrices.
  • Identification of potential obstacles to permitting and building.
  • Determination if pro forma can support the costs and possible delays.

EMG provides services across the real estate life cycle, including:

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