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CREFC Annual Conference 2017

June 5 – 7, 2017

Washington, DC

Program topics will include:EMG at CREFC 2017

  • Industry Leaders Roundtable
  • CREFC Forum Meetings
  • The Real Estate Cycle: A Different Kind of Cycle?
  • Is Retail Catching up on Today’s Fashion?
  • Supply and Demand: New York City Under the Microscope
  • The Art of the Deal: Large Loans Challenges in 2017
  • Foreign Investments: Everyone Is Invited but Who’s Coming?
  • Servicing: Progress? Or Are We Still Just Talking?
  • and more!

EMG Attendee: 

Bart Sobieralski_EMGReach out to Bart to discuss your commercial real estate due diligence needs.

Bart Sobieralski, Regional Vice President


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